10 Quick Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips for EVO

dbfz gohan.jpg
If you are currently want to do a bit better while playing DBFZ despite have 0 experience with the game, here are some quick simple tips to read after you watch our system tutorial video:

1. Some MVC2/3 common sense- Be mobile and evasive, and treat the ground like hot lava, as assists control the lower portion of the screen. Prioritize attacking while the assists you fear the most are in cooldown.

2. Some more MVC2/3 common sense- Don’t approach solo, approach together with activating an assist to cover you, and utilize low normals to beat 4S pushblocks.

3. Standard combos:
A. Confirm ground chain>H/2H>H-auto-superdash>jL>jM>(dj.LMS)>special>super.
B. Confirm air chain>j2H>H-auto-superdash>jL>jM>(dj.LMS)>special>super.
You can also finish air combos with j.C to spike them to the ground.

4. Don’t count on heavy normals, close ranged S attacks, and many specials being safe on block. Ideally, end the chain during the Ls or Ms or use assists to convert a blockstring into pressure.

5. Careful of using S normals (ki blasts) when the opponent is too close during neutral as Super Dash goes through it. Use them in blockstrings or from far away.

6. Super Dash (and raw tagging) done from afar gives you plenty of time to do one of many hard counters. If you are on the ground, beat it cleanly with a 2H->H->aircombo. If you are in the air, beat it with a throw, long ranged normals, beam specials, or clash against it with your own Super Dash.

7. Hitting the opponent can lead to safe tagging, either by doing the mash L auto combo and getting to the unique launcher which allows tagging, or by ending a combo with 236Assist which ends the combo the teammates super instead.

8. Save Sparking blast for the last character once you are wounded enough to also make use of the blue life regeneration.

9. EX specials cost the same as supers. Each offers a utility that should justify the cost, so check them out, as they may be among of your characters’ best tools. If not during neutral than maybe by starting or extending combos in a way supers can’t. The “Dragon punch” looking specials may have invincibility in their EX versions.

10. How to use each assist:

To make it simple, I divide the assists into several groups based on number of hits. The less hits the assist does, the worse it is to keep the opponent stuck blocking during pressure and mixups, but better for space control during neutral because of all the other qualities- Comes out fast, controls space well, retreats fast, and has less cooldown time (need to confirm).

Assists of single hits:
Kid Gohan, Buu, Frieza- They all control a relatively square portion of the screen.
During neutral=Best
During offense=Worst

Assists of several hits:
Goku and Cell- Beams that shoot across the screen, covering horizontally all the way but easy to evade by air mobility. Try to time them to shoot as the opponents lands from their jumps, to guarantee that they will have to block it. You can also use them as you approach from afar to cover your ground dash.
During neutral=Medium
During offense=Medium

Assists of many hits:
Vegeta- Comes out slowly and has terrible hitbox for space control, but it keeps the opponent stuck blocking for a long time, giving you free reign to do whatever you want.
During neutral=Worst
During offense=Best