Guilty Bits Xrd: Leo

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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

Leo is a character that excels at high damage and strong pressure up close, but he lacks strong neutral and mobility, making good reads almost a necessity to use effectively

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

This is where Leo is at his weakest, he lacks good mobility and his normals are slow this is where you got to train in the most.
-By far the most notable poke is 5H, it’s got a fantastic hitbox and leads to rekkas on normal hit, and a full combo on counter hit, it can even AA due to its great hitbox as well.
-F.S is another good button, it can whiff cancel into 5H and you can cancel into an “auto-guard” by pressing P, which can be useful in some matchups.
-J.K is Leos best air button, it’s active for 14f, got a great hurtbox and can confirm into a restand on hit, it’s undeniably great for jump ins, air to airs, air combos, you name it.
-2D can be used as a good counter poke due to it having foot invuln and knockdown, which is incredibly good for Leo to land.
-S fireball is very good for space control, it’s fast, it goes ¾ of the screen and it’s 2 hits meaning that it’ll beat most other projectiles it is also very effective with YRC as well. This move got buffed in Rev2, now it will still keep flying at the opponent even if Leo gets hit making for even more effective use in neutral.
-H fireball from fullscreen is strong due to it being a slow moving fireball that doesn’t stop until it lands all four hits, also very strong with YRC.
-Zweit is a good approach tool as well, it has a deceptively low hurtbox so it can be a good option against aerial opponents and it can go under moves like I-nos Chemical love, it also can go into stance and it has small frame advantage on block.
-Bt.S is a great button to scare the opponent from approaching due to its good speed, decent active frames, and good reward on counter hit.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

Leo has many great buttons on offence which is complimented by his high damage and fantastic pressure.
-5K is a great tool due to its active frames and frame advantage on block
-C.S combos into 6K and 5H which in turn, combos into rekkas for a knockdown
-F.S is a fantastic button on block, you have many options after it like 5H, 2S whiff, 6H, and IAD, but f.S cannot confirm into much on standing opponents on hit besides sweep, S fireball and super. Learning to confirm whether or not the opponent is crouching or not is a necissity in order to be as safe and as optimal as possible.
-2S is a good button not just on block, but it recovers very fast on whiff, making it a good button to throw out in pressure to feint an attack and possibly score a counter hit with a different attack.
-6H has great frame advantage on block and can lead to a full combo on hit, but is slow, so use it sparingly
-6K has good frame advantage on block and it throw invuln, can score a good combo on counter hit, making for a good meaty, on crouchers can confirm into 5P and continue the combo, on non counter but it’s best to just do rekkas.
-In stance, Bt.K is a great throw invuln and fast low that leads to a basic combo on hit with good frame advantage on block.
-Bt.K>Bt.P>Bt.K is a good string that you can mixup with a Bt.H after or a dash up Bt.K making for a hard to react mixup, bearing in mind that Bt.K does not lead to nearly as much damage as Bt.P/S/H.
-Bt.P is a great AA and combo starter that also has throw invuln, making it a good button all around and leads to great damage on hit with meter.
-Bt.S is a great button to framtrap with after Bt.H, it leads to great damage with meter and if you make a read you can combo into Blitzshlag on counter hit for massive damage.
-Bt.H is a great overhead with big frame advantage on block and can confirm into Stahl Wirbel super for a huge damage and a full combo, or just a normal meterless combo.
-On knockdown, Leo can do an H fireball YRC and go for an airdash mixup, he can whiff a 5H and go into stance, or he can go for a safejump among other things.
-Leos throw can put him in stance and allow you to start pressure and he can get a good combo if the opponent has high RISC.
-Stance can also allow you to dash through the opponent to further mix them up, the dash has some strike invuln but no throw invuln.
-Blitzshlag is a slow overhead in stance but it also staggers on block making for a good move to RRC and continue the combo
-Leo’s 5P and 2P both whiff cancel into 5K, this can allow for good backdash baits.
– Against predictable retaliation, Leo can use auto-guards by pressing P after 5H or f.S, on successful auto-guard, you can go into any H normal this gets beat by lows and supers however.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

Leo has a decent amount of good defensive options, his AAs are 6P, Bt.P, 2H, S Eisen Sturm, and on occasion 5H.
-6P is a standard AA with ok head invuln, Bt.P is a fantastic AA with tons of head invuln and not a lot of recovery on whiff, 2H is a higher risk AA due to its recovery but leads to great reward on ch and even on a trade, S Eisen Sturm leads to a full combo if the second hit scores a counter, and 5H is more of lucky hit AA than the others
(Note: 6P in Rev2 has no head invuln and instead is an armoured attack that gets armoured startup on frame 5, leo players are still confused as to whether it’s a nerf or a buff, but more are leaning towards nerf)
-2P is Leos fastest normal at 5f and can confirn into a full combo on hit, making for a decent fuzzy.
Bt.D in stance is good if you can read the opponent well, it also has deceptive recovery, it leads to a combo on hit.
-S fireball YRC can be used for defence providing you have the meter and the time to do so
-H Eisen Sturm is arguably the best DP in the game due to its great active frames, insane invuln frames, decent speed, and can lead to a full combo on RC, plus due to it being a charge, it can beat crossup attempts as well.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

using meter to YRC fireballs is very strong, but another great thing to spend meter on is his stance super Stahl Wirbel.
-Stahl Wirbel can only be used in stance and it has no invuln, but it’s 5f startup 0f after flash, it goes full screen, you can combo off it anywhere on the screen on non ch providing you are close to the opponent, it leads to fantastic damage in the corner, and on top of that it’s +8 on block.
-RRCing H Eisen Sturm is great if you want to stay safe and keep the pressure on.
If you are confidant in the opponent being about to die, you can RRC Seigesparade or Dritt and complete a combo on hit.
-Blitzshlag RRC can be a great way to kill off an opponent that hesitates too much due to it staggering on block, best to RRC into dust for the best damage.