Guilty Bits Xrd: Sin


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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

Sin is a versatile all-round character who excels in neutral game and pressure situations while boasting a massive poke range and high firepower. Excellent space control makes him ideal for a neutral oriented control playstyle, but some of his tools also allow him to easily close in on the opponent, making aggressive pace viable as well. His goal is to out-poke and overwhelm the opponent with a superior risk/reward ratio.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting


  • f.S: Neutral workhorse. Reaches far and is easy to confirm damage from. Combos into Elk Hunt from mid range and into Beak Driver at any range. Defines the optimal range for dealing damage.
  • 2S / 2D: Low profile pokes. 2S can often be used as a substitute for f.S depending on the matchup and the situation. 2D is slower, but must be blocked low, stays active for longer and combos into Elk Hunt on hit.
  • 6P: Strong counter poke that can go under many high profile pokes, such as Faust’s f.S or I-No’s HCL. Gatling into f.S or Beak Driver for a conversion.

Long range:

  • Beak Driver (236H): Sin’s signature move. Fast to start up, can anti-air, relatively safe on block at range, reaches almost full screen, strong hitbox, highly rewarding on CH and difficult to whiff punish. Dictates the pace of many matchups. Can be performed grounded or airborne for space control. Can be charged to enhance frama data and hitbox.
  • Elk Hunt (236K): Advancing low profile poke with decent rewards on hit. Since it’s neutral on block, can be used to initiate pressure. Must be blocked low.
  • Bull Bash (214S): Full screen overhead with a strong upwards hitbox. Not fast enough to mix people up, but the anti-air properties and massive rewards on CH can make it a decent surprise poke.

Air game:

  • j.P: Ascending j.P can out poke many other air moves. Fast and good hitbox.
  • j.H: Massive downwards hitting attack able to challenge many anti-airs and can lead into Sin’s basic mixups on block.
  • j.6H: Massive forward hitting attack that out pokes just about anything coming from the front. A strong descending attack, but whiffs on crouchers. One of Sin’s strongest starters.
  • j.S: Balanced attack with good horizontal and vertical reach. Most reliable button to score damage on grounded opponents. Gatlings into jK or j6H depending on the target’s state.

How to convert damage off pokes:

  • f.S/2S > 236H: Go-to long range poke string that confirms into RC with 50 meter or Beak Driver follow-up with 6 units of calories.
  • xxx > 236H > RC > dash > 6H > 623S > 214S > 214P[4] > j.6H > c.S > 5H > 214H: basic RC extension.
  • (214S >) 236K > 236H: Simple conversion off Bull Bash or Elk Hunt.
  • 236H > 236K > 236H: Simple conversion off random Beak Drivers. From max range Beak Driver can’t combo into Elk Hunt.
  • 236K > 632146H > 2P > 5P > 5H > 214H: Advanced combo for converting Elk Hunt into RTL corner carry. Burst safe.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

The calorie system: Sin must spend calorie meter to perform special moves (except leap), but is also allowed to cancel specials into each other. This both limits and empowers him; while unable to perform any special moves without calories, it’s possible to extend pressure by spending calories in places where other characters would usually have to spend meter instead.

The dynamic of special moves: Sin can always continue poke strings with an additional frame trap if there’s enough calories to spend. The downside is that once a special move is blocked, the follow-up options are rather limited and consume resources quickly. Chaining specials together is very costly, so utilizing leap cancels or low cost strings, such as f.S > 236K > [normal of choice], can help in sustaining offensive momentum. Simply ending blockstrings in Beak Driver is not a bad choice either, since it conserves resources and puts you back to neutral.

Calories vs okizeme: the finite nature of calorie meter forces Sin to occasionally forfeit offensive momentum in order to replenish resources. Scoring a knockdown is the primary means for Sin to safely regain calories by using the special move “still growing”. Depending on the combo ender it may be possible to eat and still continue pressure, but generally the player must choose either between calories or a good okizeme setup.


  • 2P / 2K / 6H: Normals that grant plus frames on block. Good for frame traps, pressure resets, throw mixups and stagger pressure.
  • 2D: Flexible normal that is neutral on block. Used in hit-confirms and blockstrings. Can be used to sneak in a pressure reset or to frame trap into Elk Hunt.
  • 3K: Disjointed hitbox that can counter-poke at midrange. Can completely evade certain reversals when spaced. Gatlings into 6H for a frame trap, combos on CH or crouch.
  • Elk Hunt: Used to frame trap or to reset blockstrings back to neutral frame advantage. If cancelled from heavier attacks, Sin is put back to f.S range, but cancelling up close may allow Sin to connect 2P afterwards.
  • 2H: Go-to starter for punishes and big damage combos. On block cranks up the opponent’s guard bar. Can be cancelled into 2D or jD for a makeshift mixup. RISC buildup can force the opponent to act and enables custom CH confirms off IOH j.H or throw for example.
  • Leap (214P or 214K): Command jump. Can be used to reset any blockstring into basic jumpin mixups. Can also be used as a gap closer. Risky if the opponent is ready to anti-air.

Common frame traps:

  • 2K > 2H
  • 2P > 2D
  • 2D/f.S/2S > 236K
  • 236H > 236K
  • 236K > delayed 236H

Mixups & okizeme:

  • Basic leap okizeme / jumpin mixup: After a suitable knockdown (throw or Beak Driver), Sin can perform a safe jump with 214K>j.S or j.H. Exploiting the safe-jump threat, it’s possible to utilize a simple 50/50 between j.H>jD and j.H>2K.
  • Basic Voltic Dein (236236P) okizeme: Can be set up after a long corner combo (such as Beak Driver loops), so that pushback takes care of the spacing. After a knockdown, fire VD and dash in for a 50/50 between 2D and j.H. Can follow up with an additional jumpin mixup on block.
  • Rising jD: 18f startup overhead, so difficult to react to. Can be used as a frame trap, to evade throws or to mix people up. Harder to see when jump cancelled into from another normal, but usually 50 meter is required to convert into air VD (j.236236P) due to the spacing.

How to convert damage off pressure:

  • xxx > f.S/2S > 2D > 236K > 623S > 214S > 214H: simple combo off any close range normal that regains calories and gives some frame advantage.
  • xxx > f.S/2S > 2D > 236K > 236H: simple combo off any close range normal that enables leap (214K) okizeme.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

While Sin’s close range normals aren’t necessarily great for fending off aggression, he can make good use of the game’s universal defensive tools. Instant blocking can create gaps to utilize his strong reversal tools, while FD can be used to turn close range situations into mid range situations.


  • 6P: good horizontal reach and high damage potential. Takes care of regular anti-air situations.
  • j.P: best suited for pre-emptive air-to-air exchanges or against heavy moves that are difficult to anti-air on the ground.
  • Bull Bash / aerial Beak Driver: viable against moves that stay out of 6P range, such as Bedman’s air fireballs.


  • Hawk Baker (623S): Slow DP with a sub-optimal hitbox, but can safely cancel into other special moves on block, forcing the opponent to utilize non-conventional means to bait it out. One of Sin’s strongest tools.
  • RTL: Not invulnerable until frame 4, but can be used to exploit options that beat hawk baker, or to punish dropped combos if teched into. Follow-up attacks can be used to run away or to cross up on block.
  • Back dash: Covers a lot of distance and stays invulnerable for longer than many other back dashes in the game. Can be used in tandem with YRC to inflict huge whiff punishes.
  • Blitz shield: Optional, but Sin manages to make especially good use of this universal mechanic due to massive damage off both mid and low starters regardless of the opponent’s state.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

The meter usage priorities should be roughly as follows:

  • Super confirms > Roman cancel confirms > YRC
  • Defensive meter use as necessary (FD, DAA)

Both of Sin’s supers enable burst safe combos with excellent meter build, so they may be preferred over RRC early in the round and/or when the opponent has burst available. RRC confirms offers more range and better damage compared to supers. Sin can YRC option select his special moves for added safety under 50% meter. In a real pinch, charged Beak Driver can be roman cancelled into meat to guarantee the calorie recovery, but this and meat YRC are both very sub-optimal uses for precious meter.