Guilty Bits Xrd: Millia

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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style
Millia is a character who excels at moving around the opponents in neutral and baiting them into whiffing attacks, which she can then punish by knocking them down. Once she did this, she can run difficult or impossible to react to high/low mixups which loop into another knockdown and okizeme situation if successful. This powerful offensive potential is offset by her low health and poor defensive options.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

During neutral game, Millia aims to be evasive and create favorable positioning to attempt to whiff punish attacks her opponent throws out and score a knockdown. She does this by utilizing her quick dash and backdash and her double airdash (or doublejump/superjump + airdash) to adjust her spacing as she pleases. Once the opponent overcommits with a poke or antiair trying to stop her, she goes in to strike.

f.S: Fast poke that covers a decent amount of space. Good to establish ground presence. Becomes extremely dangerous to the opponent if Millia has 50+ tension, because then she can convert it into a full combo at max range.

2D: Long range sweep which is safe on block. A bit slow to come out but has some foot invincibility which enables it to blow through some attacks, like other sweeps.

5P: Quick attack which recovers quickly. Can be useful as an anti-air or to stop lunging attacks like Sol’s Fafnir. Can also be used instead of FD to interrupt dashes quickly to conserve tension.

j.P: Fast, low commitment air-normal, covers a good area in front of and below her. Chains into itself (also on whiff) and j.K, which makes it easy to confirm into a combo.

j.214S/H: Silent Force, nicknamed “pin” or “needle”. Millia’s most important special move. A fast projectile tossed at a 45° angle which recovers quickly. Either tosses it immediately (j.214S) or does a little upwards flip beforehand (j.214H). Can be used to cover an approach, to counter-hit anti-air attempts, to tag pursuing enemies or to extend pressure. It is also used in her air-combos to knock the opponent down as it has extremely long untechable time. After it has been thrown, Millia has to pick it up to be able to use it again, so use it wisely as your ability to finish combos will be limited otherwise. To pick it up, crouch above it while in a neutral stance, i.e. not while blocking, dashing or attacking.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme



Due to limited gatling options, Millia doesn’t have the greatest pressure. She does however possess a few tricks. At worst, she returns back to a neutral game state, which is where she excels.

5K: Tied for her fastest ground-normal together with 2K and 2P. Overall her best button for pressure. Chains into itself and all of her important normals, and can be jump-cancelled. Can also be special canceled late. Can also catch people who try to jump out.

2K: Fast low attack, advantageous on block. Can be chained into itself which in conjunction with her fast dash makes it great to set up tick-throws.

6H: A two-hit attack which offers a lot of options when it connects. The first hit can be special- and jump-cancelled and hits mid, the second hit can be special-cancelled and hits overhead. Can be chained into from 2P or 5K, which makes for a good long-range frame trap. On CH it floats and can be converted into a full combo. Can also be used as a pressure reset in conjunction with pin and/or an IAD after the first hit.

j.H: A new normal in Rev2 that replaces the old haircopter and does no longer cause a knockdown anymore, but is fast and hits beneath her on both sides which makes it a valuable air-to-ground attack.

Pressure philosophy:
If you manage to get close to an opponent but he blocks, you can choose to do one of three things:
1) High/low mixup: Do a 50/50 during a blockstring after either 5K or c.S with TKBM/6K or 214P/2S/2D. You might get rewarded with a quick knockdown, but an unsuccessful attempt either ends your turn or gets you punished. Strong against passive opponents who don’t attempt to mash out and block low a lot (you’ll have them start second guessing themselves later on).

2) Tickthrow/frametrap: After either 2P or 2K, go for a tickthrow or continue staggering. You can also chain 2P or 5K into 6H which offers many options on block (see above). Medium reward but not very risky. Strong against active opponents who try to mash out a lot. 6H pressure resets are also strong against FD.

3) No mixup, reset into neutral: If your attempt at whiff punishing them failed, it’s totally legit to just chain into a max range 5H and leave it at that. Good against characters with strong defensive options which can turn momentum heavily in their favor with one good read, but suffer in neutral against Millia (for example, Potemkin).

It’s recommended to switch around pressure tactics based on the opponent’s habits and their character.


2H: Millia’s launcher, leads to her standard air combo which knocks down. Combos from 5S and 2S.

2D: Used for when you’re not in 2H range. Combos from c.S and 5H.

Digitalis (214K~H): Connects after 5H from any range on a crouching opponent and knocks them down.


These are some of the attacks Millia can use during blockstrings to open the opponent up.

6K: Grounded overhead attack, comes out fairly fast. Can be special-cancelled and is advantageous on block. It also goes over low attacks. Leads to a full combo in the corner with 236S.

2S: Decently fast low attack, can be special cancelled and jump-cancelled. Also chains into 2H. Similarly to 6K, leads to a full combo in the corner.

Throw: Don’t neglect throws with Millia. She has a strong tickthrow game because of her quick dash and chainable low with 2K.


Millia’s winning condition. These are the most common tactics used to open up a rising opponent,

236H: H Tandem Top, the infamous disc. It has lengthy startup time so it’s only used after the opponent has been knocked down, most commonly after throw, 2D or her aircombo. Millia can act again before the disc actually becomes active, so she can do a high/low-mixup and have the disc hit afterwards. On hit she can do a full combo which leads back into the same setup, on block she gets to continue pressure safely.

j.236P: Bad Moon. If tigerknee’d (abbreviated as TKBM), it acts as her fastest overhead. Unsafe on block, so it’s a high risk maneuver without a disc setup.

214P: Iron Savior, also nicknamed “Haircar”. Hits low and is airborne so it cannot be ground thrown. Because the startup resembles a jump animation, it will trick many people into blocking high in expectation of Bad Moon. High recovery but can be difficult to punish due to high pushback.

These two attacks coupled with H Tandem Top are Millia’s core moves to mix the opponent up on wakeup in the corner. Other moves which are also suitable midscreen are 6K, 2S and 2D.

Secret Garden (214H~direction+H x 4): A bit harder to set up than H Tandem Top, as it requires less flexible combos to set it up correctly, but stronger in every way otherwise. Creates an orb which moves in a course based on the additional 4 inputs and hits 5 times overall. Once the orb starts moving, is doesn’t disappear if Millia gets hit. It’s very strong against invincible reversals and destroys any attempt at mashing out.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals


Millia has no single go-to anti-air attack, but many different moves to cover different situations. These include 5P (e.g. against shallow jump-ins or preemptively), 2H (e.g. against deep jump-ins), 6P (e.g. against airdashes) and j.P or j.K (for air-to-air purposes).


Her only reversal is Winger (2141236H), which has long startup and is extremely punishable on block. Use sparingly.

Millia mostly has to make use of system mechanics to get out of pressure, mainly by using FD to push the opponent out of his effective range. Once she did that however, she is very good at escaping the corner due to her strong air mobility.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

Red RC to confirm into full combos from max poking distance.

S Tandem Top YRC as a low risk/high reward neutral tool. Essentially creates a shield, negates other one-hit-projectiles that are close and gives her time to assess the situation.

Usage of system mechanics like FD or Blitzshield.