Guilty Bits Xrd: Answer

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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

Answer has tools to allow him to play in a number of different ways.
Scrolls not only allow you to keep up a strong pressure game but they also work well for moving around in neutral.

Cards can be used as decent projectiles to play keep away but clones from cards are plus on block and allow him to be more aggressive.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

f.S – longest range normal, quite fast for how big it is. No combo at max range but cancelling into scroll set is safe in most situations. 5H will combo at a bit less than full range.

5H – moves Answer forward and also has quite long range. Staggers on counter hit and is key in IAD loop combos.

2S – slightly less range than 5H but recovers incredibly fast. Due to this, 2S is plus on block and often safe to whiff.

j.K – fast with a rather long hitbox. Great for air to airs.

j.S – 3 hits below Answer. Usually used as an air to ground when your opponent is right under you

j.H – great hitbox but a bit slower than other moves in the air. Usually used at max j.H range or in safejump setups

236S/H – Card throw projectiles. S version throws about ½ screen and H version throws almost full screen. Great for opponents or characters that stick to the ground a lot but not so great vertical hitbox.

22S/H – teleports to cards set with 236 and the same button. Relatively slow startup but recovers surprisingly quickly. Often used to get out of tough situations or the corner.

214P/K/S/H – scroll set specials, air OK. Short total duration and super important to open up Answer’s scroll game.

Scroll D – an 8 way dash with a hitbox, can be cancelled into other scroll moves at any point.
Amazing neutral tool as it gives you many different movement options and angles of attack. If no direction is pressed, goes forward or to the nearest scroll.

Scroll K – a fast falling downwards kick. When used with scroll D this move can make Answer’s movement very difficult to predict.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

5P – fast jab that’s plus on block and hits most crouchers (only seems to whiff on Faust). Great for pressure as it stops slower characters when they try to mash out after blocked 46P.

2P – like 5P but slightly slower.

c.S – fast and hits 3 times, great for confirming.

2K – one of your 2 grounded low normals. Decent speed and range. Used as a pretty staple pressure option.

2D – standard sweep. Hits very far and is your standard ender for short combos where you can’t get a launch. You can set scrolls after 2D and still get a meaty 6H afterwards.

6H – hits mid despite the animation. This move is even on block which is nice but it’s also counted airborne which means that it can’t be ground thrown and it can also be cancelled into clinging to a scroll. Usually used in pressure to threaten scroll moves or as a meaty to move into scroll pressure/mixup.

6K – launch with a ton of hit stun. Answer steps forward and kicks upwards. Pretty short range. 6K can be cancelled into scroll set and still be followed up after. Can be feinted by holding K. Unfortunately whiffs on crouching

2H – forces standing on hit. Often used to combo into 6K against crouching opponents. Has a great anti-air hitbox but the hurtbox extends quite high too. Luckily, you can often combo when this CH trades with most jump-ins.

5K – hits rather high and far and is very fast. Can beat a lot of IAD approaches.

Scroll H – overhead option out of scroll. Comboable into 5P on most of the crouching cast always comboable on CH. Knocks down on air hit and is your standard combo ender. Hitbox is quite big so you can often tag people from further than expected.

Scroll S – Answer’s built in low option out of scroll. Unsafe on block and only comboable on RRC or CH so this is usually not used in favour of scroll D-ing to the ground and using 2K. Can be YRC’d as a kind of teleport to the ground though.

623K – Command grab. Japan tells us it’s 5 frames so it’s quite fast. Has decent range and standard whiffed command throw length recovery. The throw animation corner carries further if this is done with dash momentum. No combo without meter. Clinging to low scrolls and doing scroll D to the floor is a good way to set this up by faking a scroll attack.

421S/H – Calls a clone out of a business card previously set with 236S/H. This move is plus on block and combos out of 5H. You can get a full knockdown combo after 421S/H on characters that aren’t lightweight. This move is great but unfortunately requires a business card to be set. Also has a slightly narrow hitbox.

46P – Answer rushes forwards and punches if he reaches his opponent. If Answer doesn’t reach his potent then this is effectively a command dash but it is easterly used this way as Answers run is so fast. 46P is 0 on hit and -1 on block and is used in pressure and to end combos where you have no better ender. Being -1 on block is fine in most cases as Answer has such a fast jab.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

22P – Counter stance that activates on frame 1. When activated, Answer teleports to the top of the screen and falls with scroll K. This move counters any hit, including projectiles (but often jumps over lows) and is considered airborne so it also dodges throws. This can also be used to cling to scrolls as it’s airborne and can actually be a faster method of clinging than just jumping.

Backdash – Answer’s backdash moves him very far backwards. The duration is quite long however. This backdash is considered airborne somewhat late in the duration even though the animation doesn’t reflect it.

6P – Pretty standard anti-air, there’s no information as to whether the high invuln is frame 1 or not but it feels like it from playing him. Hits high and far, not jump cancellable. Combos into 6K at close range and 5H from a bit further.

2H – As mentioned in offense: high hitbox but high hurtbox. Probably the best anti-air for when opponents are directly above you.

Super jump forward – Answer’s super jump throws him almost full screen forward on a nice rainbow arc. Because of this and the fact that super jumps are quite fast, Answer can jump out of the corner quite well while keeping his airdash.

Dead angle – Has great range and is only -7 according to Japan. Overall no gaping flaws in this DAA.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

46P or 236S/H > RRC: Due to character specific-ness of IAD loops, the short range of 6K and the fact that cards/scrolls may be required for full combos, sometimes Answer needs meter to confirm. Red roman cancelling 46P or 236S/H into 5D or 2H > 6K can net Answer a full combo where conditions would otherwise not allow it.

236S/H > late YRC – Timing your YRC on card throw to come out so that the hit stop of the card is made longer by RC slowdown allows you to react to the situation really well. This can be used in neutral and as a pressure reset.

Successful 22P > YRC: Counter can be YRC’d after activation to allow you to fall down with a preferable falling normal aided by YRC slowdown or (if you jump install the counter) an air dash away.

Answer’s supers are mainly used for combo enders or extensions…

236236K – Giant shuriken super, exclusively used as a combo ender

632146S – Lots or shurikens super, usually used as a combo extender. This racks up a large amount of hits which cranks up gravity and allows Answer to do some combos after this that would usually leave opponents too high.

632146D – Burst version of the super above. Answer’s only invincible option outside of 22P. This move (along with the S version) is plus on block.

j.632146S – Throws shurikens downwards. This super can be used if you REALLY feel like you need to get a knockdown. Usually not great because you’re still full screen away though. Also whiffs on high opponents a lot.