Guilty Bits Xrd: Haehyun

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Day 1 Combo
2K->(link)c.S->(link)2D->(delayed cancel)236H
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

Kum (last name) Haehyun (first name) is the young woman piloting the robot. Haehyun’s goal is to score a good knockdown out of a stray hit and from there force setups that can lead to very high damage.

Piano Input

Haehyun uses links in her ground combos, and they can be made immensely easier to perform if you get used to “pianoing” their button presses, i.e. using multiple fingers to quickly perform rapid presses of a single button, or of multiple buttons. Pianoing generates more inputs than usual, and as long as one of this inputs overlaps with the right timing, the links will succeed.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

Haehyun’s big body makes it difficult to maneuver around space control of normals and projectiles, but she actually has moderate speed, a good run and good movement options.

5K – Fast poke, combos into 2D from max range, has good hurtbox placement as it can avoid certain low attacks in specific ranges

5S – Useful poke as it always combos into Hayabusa. Also in max range, the Hayabusa following is safe and allows for more Hayabusa pressure.

2S – Fast and low, has good range and combos into 2D in most ranges.

2D – Quite fast and has good range. It’s also the standard ender of ground combos. You can then cancel 2D into a special of choice: Usually into 236H for simple okizeme, into 214K for corner carry.

623K- A worse version of Sol’s Grand Viper. A very risky move that can go under attacks while moving forward. It’s mentioned here only because by adding 4 to the input you get a Shiinken.

623K4 (Shiinken) – Useful tool to intimidate airbourne-heavy players, as it gives a very great reward and is very difficult to punish thanks to its quickness. The basic version is colored blue, but if you hold the button long enough before releasing (623[K]4) it becomes red and enables different combo routes. Be aware that combos involving 623K4 require specific screen positioning and so don’t bother with them until after you’ve become more experienced with the character.

j.K – Goto air poke. Very good range, very fast, good recovery and jump cancel.

236S (Blue Tunerball) – Very good projectile for space control. Has low startup but long recovery. Due to the unique mechanic of controlling the ball, it allows for unique pressure situations like covering unsafe Grandvipers (623[K]) or catching airborne opponents with IAD j.H and combo by bouncing them off the projectile.

236H (Red Tunerball) – Rather difficult to use for space control. Has short recovery but long startup, which is troublesome for casting it. However, if the Red Ball is out, it gives Haehyun a great advantage even versus other projectile characters as it basically eats 3 projectiles for free. Not the go to projectile though.

214K (Hayabusa) – is also useful as a poke, as it avoids low attacks in specific ranges and is pretty much safe in ranges further away.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

Haehyun is very versatile in offense. She can frame trap with her normals, mix it up with her throw which grants her a good setup, and also add in occasional highs which are safe on block. Her main okizeme tool is her red Tunerball, which after good knockdowns forces the opponent to block, allowing a strong high/low/throw mixup. If the knockdown does not allow for a Tunerball, a Safejump High/Low is also available, which cannot be OS’d with 6P/H.

Since Rev2, Haehyun’s Frametrap potential has increased immensely. She can pressure with 2P, c.S and other normals very well, and on a successful hit go into 2K 2H to convert into a Shiinken Loop for damage and Okizeme. Thus, she no longer relies on Okizeme to deliver damage.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

Instead of having a general beat-it-all Anti-air, Haehyun has access to multiple strong Anti-Airs that beat specific angles. 2H beats a lot of vertical jump ins, while 6P is strong at countering horizontal air dashes. 5P and 5H are strong for diagonal ranges.
From hits against aerial opponents you can either go for a simple jump cancel jP-S-H combo into okizeme, or for stronger, position specific 623K4 combos.

Additionally, her main interrupt tool is 2P, which is 4 frames. She can also use her Super as a reversal, which is very strong. Otherwise, she is very reliant on the core mechanics of Guilty Gear, making knowledge of Instant Block and Faultless Defense as well as Dead Angle and Blitz mandatory.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

Her focus for Meter Usage lies in two tools: Super for defensive purposes and Red Roman Cancel for Okizeme purposes. Her Clap Super is very strong especially with 75% meter as it basically grants her a guaranteed corner escape, while Red Roman Cancel allows her to get a guaranteed knockdown out of a Hayabusa or allow for a surprise 5H overhead, which is very useful.
Occasionally, using her Ball Super to force the opponent into the corner can be useful as well, however she can achieve similar effects without meter, so use with caution.