Guilty Bits Xrd: Elphelt


Author/Twitter handle: @tehtechnoguy, @ novriltataki

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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

Elphelt uses her great normals, high mobility via jump cancels, and a unique grenade projectile to combat during the neutral phase, and switches to specialized stances depending on the situation- Shotgun stance for close ranged pressure and mixups, and Sniper stance for full screen harassment and okizeme setups.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

236P – Elphelt loads up a pineberry grenade and then have to throw with either 2P or 4P, and it explodes when the timer ends. If you didn’t throw it, it will blow you up. This move is vital to everything Elphelt does, be it neutral space control or offensive setups.

5K – An all around great normal and her main tool at closer ranges. It’s a fast low that’s +1 on block and a sports a great disjointed hitbox. Arguably Elphelt’s best poking normal/gatling starter. It’s very fast with 7 startup and 4 active frames and is +1 on block.

f.S – Longer range and 2 frame slower than 5K. Converting from it as a starter from afar forces you to commit to specific followups without properly hit-confirming, and it can lose against other pokes, but inside combos and blockstrings it’s a staple move. Other than canceling it into normals and specials you can also jump cancel it, allowing you to either pressure with Instant Airdash forward, or jump away to disengage safely.

2D – While as a combo ender it allows you to combo into 214K midscreen or 236P to prepare a corner setup, it also works as a starter because of it’s speed. On block you can cancel it into a jump or into 236H->5H for safety.

6H – Elphelt controls a large portion of the screen with this normal, both horizontally and vertically, and canceling it to 236P is ideal no matter what happened. It’s good to snipe opponent’s out of the sky and prevent jump out attempts. Careful not to whiff it though.

j.P – Her fastest air normal at 6 frames of startup and it’s also active for 6f frames once out. Jump and special cancelable. Has pretty short range.

j.S – Best air normal, startup is very fast at 7f and does a sweeping like motion that covers from 12 o’clock to 8 o’clock around elphelt.

j.H – Not as good as j.S but works in situations where you need the extra range.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

Elphelt’s strongest offense is when she can force a cornered opponent to engage with her Shotgun stance up close, as it has access to several moves that are extremely effective in this situation- A quick jab, a rewarding shot combo starter, and a command grab that starts a combo as well. 236P is another vital tool as it forces the opponent to block on wakeup and leads to mixups and even unblockables with her Sniper stance.

In the corner, both the low 2D and the overhead 6P can be cancelled into 236H->ShotgunH->ShotgunS->214k and into additional damage and more okizeme. (6P’s stagger is so hard to get out of in time that it essentially acts as a combo starter.)

ShotgunD is a command grab and serves as another threatening option in her mixups.

Up close, 2P is a good pressure starter, since it’s +1 on block, chains into itself, and has very short pushback.

5K also works up close for tick throws. Elphet’s throw gives enough time to set up grenade okizeme, and option selecting it with her c.S via inputting 6S+H compliments it well.

Instant airdashing into the opponent while sticking out a j.K or j.S is a little risky, but Elphelt’s IAD is pretty fast and her normals are well suited for it. The route of j.S->j.P can be used to mix between this overhead option and j.S->land->5K. You can do IAD YRC to propel you faster towards the opponent and at a downwards angle.

If you don’t move the target of the Sniper stance for 0.4 seconds, you get the level 2 shot; the target increases in size and the next rifle shot becomes an unblockable move.

Elphelt’s opportunities to anti air someone with a c.S launch and corner carry leads to setups that prevents the opponent from evading the unblockable shot. Generally, after your last air normal (j.H->j.D) you can convert the j.D into 236P while your opponent is in an untechable state. Once you’ve landed you can toss the grenade low with 2P and go into sniper stance 236S. Time a YRC to your opponent’s wake up animation. The slowed down time will force them to block the pineberry on wake up while your sniper crosshair becomes large to signal its now unblockable. Fire the sniper with 5S, reload and switch to shotgun stance(5S ->46S ->236H). While you are switching to the shotgun the grenade explodes and combos after the unblockable shot, which gives you time to continue the combo with Shotgun S ->Shotgun H x2-3.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

c.S – Best option usually, launches and easily leads to corner carry
6H – covers large area but slower. Special cancel into pineberry and run to follow up with c.S launch into corner carry
j.S – Rising j.S can work as an anti-air, as chaining it into j.H creates untechable knock down if they’re close enough to the ground, and even though you are in the rising portion of the jump, you can still get an okizeme setup by canceling the j.H into 236p. When using it, make sure to also option select an air throw (j.6S+H).

2P, 2K, 5K ,2D – All of these are useful as anti-pressure normals, ordered from fastest and shortest, to slowest and longest. So pick the one with the range and speed that fits the situation. 2P specifically is good after Instant Blocking, and 2D is good after pushing them into its ideal range with Faultless Defense.

Alternatively you can simply super jump away after FDing.

Elphelt’s backdash is also really good, so make sure to keep this option in mind.

236236K – Elphelt’s only real reversal and it has many flaws as one, despite the meter cost. That’s why using FD and Blitzshield well is perhaps even more important.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

Pineberry toss low YRC -> overhead / low
Bridal Express RRC -> into launcher corner carry combo
Ground Throw RRC -> Shotgun loop
Unblockable sniper shot RRC -> Shotgun loop
Making riskier moves like 5H or 6H safe at early windows with YRC