Guilty Bits Xrd: May

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Day 1 Combo
Day 1 Blockstring

General style

May is a character who excels in the air, and prefers to attack her opponent from above. She is no slouch on the ground though, with her far reaching normals and various summons to back her up.

1. Neutral: Pokes, Space control, far range converting

May wants to keep her opponent out with her normals while trying to get projectiles on the screen to cover her approach. She can summon projectiles to cover several different angles that really help her control the pace of the match.


5K: Fast start-up considering its range, jump cancelable, special cancelable, and can gatling into f.S. High profiles several lows, Loses to moves with head-invul.

f.S: One of May’s farthest reaching normals. Slow startup, special cancelable, jump cancelable, and commonly gatlinged from 5K. Max range f.S is the perfect range for summoning an S or H Hoop Dolphin.

2S: Similar use as 5K. Same start-up, doesn’t high profile, but won’t lose to head-invul moves.

2D: Deceptively far range, very active, and grants a knockdown on hit. It only leaves May at a disadvantage of 1 frame on block, and really lowers her hurtbox, making it a fairly safe move to throw out.

6H: A lot of startup and recovery, but has an enormous hit box and is special cancelable. Good for catching jumpers (especially in the corner), does a lot of stun, and can be held so it hits overhead.

Space Control & Converting

5K > f.S: This gattling can be done from a very far range, and is actually better the farther away f.S hits. May gets the option to jump cancel, summon a projectile, or frame trap with a horizontal dolphin.

  • Jump canceling allows you to get off the ground and reposition in the air.
    • IAD Backwards: Quickly gain space. Good in match-ups where May excels from a distance, or if you don’t want to take a big risk.
    • IAD Forward: Closes space quickly but is very risky. j.S > j.H is the common option here. Most characters can easily anti-air this on reaction. IAD > j.S whiffs on a majority of the cast crouching.
    • Neutral Jump: Safe option to mix it up. Doesn’t gain any ground, but lets you hold the space you currently have. You still have all your air options available to reposition as needed.
  • Summons cover various options, but can be risky. Summoning a hoop dolphin from a cancel is typically very unsafe, but is made fairly safe based on the distance at which it was summoned.
    • P/S Hoop Dolphins: These 2 options are good for covering a ground-based approach, with P Hoop being summoned closer to you, and S Hoop being summoned closer to your opponent.
    • H Hoop Dolphin: This option helps cover the air, and typically forces your opponent to retreat backwards. If the opponent stays grounded, the dolphin will hit delayed, giving you more time to approach if your opponent respects the option.
    • P Ball: This is the most unsafe option, and is typically paired with a YRC.
    • S/H Horizontal Dolphin: You can frame trap with either of these options, and both have different benefits.
      • S Dolphin: Faster and harder to challenge.
      • H Dolphin: Knocks down on hit and wall splat in the corner, which can lead to big damage. Comes out fairly slow and loses to several options, most notably anything with head invul such as a 6P.

2D > S Horizontal Dolphin: Safe chain route that’s very rewarding on hit. 2S can be substituted for 2D so it won’t lose to moves with foot-invul, but you will not be rewarded with a knockdown on hit.

2. Offense: Pressure, close range converting, mixups and okizeme

May’s pressure is pretty strong due to her 5H being +7 and the threat of command grab. It can be even scarier if she has summons out.

Pressure Example
2P > 2P: This is a common pressure string because it provides you with enough time to confirm whether the string hit, and May gets several strong pressure options on block. Once you confirm the string was blocked the following options are available:

  • Overhead Kiss: May’s command grab which can lead to big damage, and is what makes her pressure so scary. It does have 4 frames of startup, so it can lose to some characters mashing 2P.
  • 5H: A strong frame trap that staggers on counter hit and is +7 on block.
  • Reset Pressure: After 2P > 2P or a blocked 5H you can attempt to dash up, closing the gap, and 2P to reset your pressure string. This will lose to mashing but will give you another chance to mix them up.

Converting into a knockdown > Oki
2D > P Hoop Dolphin: On a grounded hit, May’s best knockdown conversion is into 2D, which can be canceled into a P Hoop Dolphin for oki.

  • 2K (Low): Fast and hits low. Commonly gatlinged into 2D > S Horizontal Dolphin. The Hoop Dolphin can be released so that May hops onto it after S Horizontal Dolphin hits or gets blocked to convert into a combo or apply pressure.
  • 6K (High): Hits high, airborne, and beats throws. The Hoop Dolphin can be released so that May hops onto it after 6K hits or gets blocked to convert into a combo or apply pressure. Be cautious as this is easy to blitz.
  • Block & Release Hoop Dolphin: Both the above options lose to reversals, so to safely bait them out, May can Micro-Dash > FD Brake and then release the Hoop Dolphin. If they reversal you block it, and if they don’t reversal they block the Hoop Dolphin and you can continue pressure.

Ensenga > K Hoop Dolphin: Most effective in the corner, since it lands you closer to the opponent.

  • 2D (Low): In the corner this can be done very meaty. If done meaty, 2D is plus on block. Gattlinged into H Horizontal Dolphin on hit to convert. Can be thrown.
  • 6K (High): See 6K section of ‘2D > P Hoop Dolphin’ above.

6H > P Hoop Dolphin: Can safe jump certain characters depending on how high the opponent was when 6H hit. See ‘2D > P Hoop Dolphin’ for other options.

P Ball > YRC: Can be used on any stray knockdown as long as you can summon the ball near the opponent.

  • Jump Forward > Ball Hop (Same Side): Do j.H on the way down to confirm into a combo.
  • IAD Forward > Ball Hop (Cross-up): Do j.H on the way down to confirm into a combo.
  • 2D (Beats Blitz): The Left/Right Mix-up can be negated with Blitz, which this option will beat.
  • 6K (High): Another option to worry about. Meaty 6K can combo into 2P for a conversion.

Hop on Dolphin (HOD) Inertia Cancel

  • Can be done by hitting a button on the frame a HOD connects with the opponent. If done at lowest possible height, it creates an unreactable high/low mix-up.
    • High: Any air button besides j.D/j.2H.
    • Low: j.2H will cause May to land almost instantly. Can go low with 2K/2D.

3. Defense: Anti-airs, fending off pressure, and reversals

May is lacking in meterless defensive options, with slow anti-airs, and no meterless reversal to help get opponents off her. Her anti-airs make-up for being slow by being damaging, but she will typically take to the sky to air-to-air rather than remain grounded.

Fending off pressure:
Without a meterless reversal, May is forced to block and wait for an opportunity to act.

  • 2P: 4 frames of start-up. Helps get May out of any situation where you can squeeze in a 4 frame normal.
  • 2K: 5 frames of start-up. 1 frame slower than 2P but goes farther and can low profile.
  • S Horizontal Dolphin: 5 frames of start-up. Since 2P and 2K can be high profiled, this is another fast option.
  • Jumping: Since May has the fastest jump speed, she can jump out of some situations that other characters cannot.


  • 6P: Head-invul. Not the best anti-air, but you get rewarded with a decent combo on a close counter hit.
  • 2H: Slow anti-air that is difficult to react with. Can be whiff canceled into 2D to reduce recovery time. 2H > 2D(whiff) combos into c.S on counter hit and 2P > c.S on non-counter hit.
  • j.P: Arguably her best anti-air option. Leads into an air combo and a knockdown.
  • Air Throw: Universally strong anti-air option in Guilty Gear, and especially good for May because of her far air throw range.

4. Meter Usage Priorities

  • YRC P/K Ball.
  • Faultless Defense (FD): May likes to be in the air, but having to FD an anti-air will cost a chunk of meter.
  • RRC to extend a combo, get a better knockdown, and better corner carry.


  • Great Yamada Attack: High damage and stun. Typically used to close out a round. Good for getting around guts. Strong reversal in the corner (loses to meaties).
  • Ultimate Whiner: May’s only full-invul reversal. Can be low profiled. Used to kill after guts kicked in.
  • Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind: Typically used in juggle combos.