Skullgirls for Numbskulls Act 2: Combos and Resets


Writers: Dean “Dean[SG]”, Tom “Tomo009” Bishop”.

Pictures: superstar360

Photoshop: Swordsaint32

Special thanks: Caiolugon, Kai “Nightphyre”, Mr Peck, Shoryuken Skullgirls Wiki, Novriltataki and Airdash Academy, Skullheart.

Consultation: Elda Taluda, CaioLugon



In the 1st part we introduced Skullgirls and it’s characters, this week will be covering all of the characters basic and advanced combos so you can get right in and start doing damage. We will also briefly talk about the combo systems, IPS and Drama Gauge along with a little introduction to reading combos, openers and hit confirming.


Combos and Resets.

Table of Contents:
1. Reading and Understanding Inputs.

  1. Openers and Hit confirming.
  2. Combo List.
  3. Infinite Prevention System.
  4. Combo Stages.
  5. Resets.
  6. Drama Gauge.
  7. Burst Baiting.

Reading and understanding Inputs:

First is the Traditional way, just abbreviating the commands into simple letters such as QCB, SRK and so on, or by stating the special move.  

There is also the Numerical way that is seen a lot in games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and here, Skullgirls.
The Numerical way is done by marking each direction on your joystick with a number on the numpad. Think of it as a number pad on your keyboard. 6 is forward, 5 is neutral, 8 is up or a jump attack ext.

Heres a visual representation.

7    8    9

4    5    6

1    2    3

For more information on this, you can check out Airdash Academy’s video here.


Openers and Hit Confirming:

Hit confirming is a trained reaction to whether your opponent blocks your attacks and following through with successful offence attempts.

To practice this, head into training mode and set the AI to block “randomly” and train your reactions and while practicing, mix-up your offense doesn’t get stale or predictable.

“Bread and Butter” combos:

Now lets get into the fun stuff!

You can also check out these combos and more along with their videos in the General BnB Compendium Thread on SH thanks to Caiolugon! Check them out here!

Hit Confirms:
The characters best hit-confirm buttons.
Beginner Combos:

Something to get you started while you are still learning the game

with a few reset openings.

Advanced Combo(s):

Combos that are very damaging, have plenty of reset situations and very popular among pro players, there are often a few different combos that the player can use at their own discretion.  

Situational Combo:

By “Situational”, We are talking about the Fat and Brassy varieties and the tall and shifty types.

Some combos have to be altered to continue a combo against Big Band and Double. This example won’t come up too often but keep them in mind and learn them if you can.



Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MK, 5HP,

j.LP, j.MKx2, 214HK, adc, j.MPx4, j.HK, restand.

5LPx2, 2MK, 2HP xx 214HK xx 623PP.

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 5MK, 5HP,

j.HP, adc, j.LK, j.HK,

otg 2LK, 5MK, 5HP,

*j.MK xx 214HK, adc, j.MP (~4 hits), j.HK, restand.

5LPx2, 5MP, 2MK, 2HP xx 214HK xx 623PP.

~6710 damage

* Delay



Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MP, 2HP,

j.MK * j.HK.

otg, 2LK, 2MP, 5HK, 623HP, 236PP

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MP, 2HP,

j.MK, j.HK

otg, 2LK, 2MK,

j.MP * j.HK

2MP, 2HP,

j.LPx3** j.HP

5LPx2, 5MP, 5HK xx 623HP xx 236PP

~7426 damage

* Delay

** Press HP immediately after the 3rd LP, You can learn more about it here.

(It is possible to include more LP hits, requires better timing)



Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

5LPx2, 5MP, 5MK,

j.LP, j.LKx3, j.MP, adc  

j.LP, j.MP,

5LP 5MP 2MK 5HP xx 236HPx3 xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:

5LPx2, 2MP, 2MK, 2HP, 5HK xx 214MP*

dash, 5LP, 5MP, 5MK,

^ j.MP, j.HP, adc

j.LP, j.MP

5LK, 2MK, 2HP, 5HK xx 214[HP] (hold until end of Argus) xx 236PP

]HP[ xx 236PP (or for extra meter) 236KK xx 236PP

~9000 damage

* Character dependent delay, can use 214HP instead

^ Character dependent delay



Hit Confirm:

2LK 2MK for safety

5LP 5MP for range

Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 2HP,

j.MP, j.HP, j.HK,

(charge back) 5LPx2, 5MKx2, 5HPx2 xx [4]6MP xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 5HPx2 xx [4]6LP

5LP, 5MP, 4HK xx [4]6LK, dash

5MKx2, 2HP,

j.MP, j.HP, j.HK, restand

5LKx2 5MKx2 5HPx2 xx [2]8HK xx 236PP

~6185 damage


Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MK, 5HK(2) xx 623LK

j.LK, j.HP xx j.214MK, dash

5LP LP, 5MP, 5MK, 5HP xx 236HP P P xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 5MK, 5HK xx 623LK

j.HP xx air dash

j.HP xx j.214MK

2MP, 5MK, 5HK xx 623LK

j.LK, j.HP xx j.214MK


5LP LP 5MP 5MK 5HP xx 236HP HP HP xx 236PP

7221 damage



Hit Confirm:

Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 5HP xx 236LK xx 214LK

j.9LP, j.LK

2MP, 5HP xx 236LP, dash

5LP, 5LK, 2MP, 5HP xx 236LK xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 5HP, xx 236LK xx 214K, 6j.LK

2MK, 5HP xx 236LP

dash, 5MP,

j.MP, j.HP, xx 214K

9j.MK, j.HP(3), j.HK

5LP, 5LK, 2MP, 5HP xx 236LK xx 236PP

~7352 damage



Hit Confirm:

2LK 2MK(1)

Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 2HP,

j.HP xx j.236HK

j.236MK, dash

2LK, 5MPx2, 5MK, 5HKx2 xx 236MK xx 236KK

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MK(1), 2HP

j.HP xx j.236HK


*air dash j.MPx2, j.HK, rejump

j.LP, j.MPx3, j.HK xx air dash

*j.MK, j.HK**


5LPx3 5MPx2, 2MK 5HKx3 xx 236HK xx 236KK

~7421 damage


**Replace with flew shot if you have it loaded for 8146 damage



Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MKx2, 5HK,

j.LP, j.MK, j.HK, xx j.214MK

5LPx2, 5MKx2, 2HP xx 623HK xx 236PP [4]

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 5MKx2, 5HK,

j.MK(1 hit)** j.HK xx j.214MK

5MKx2, 5HK, jump

*j.MP, j.HK, superjump forward

j.LP, j.HK xx j.214MK

5LPx2, 5MKx2, 2HP xx 623HK xx 236PP[4]

~7255 damage

* Delay

** Delay until just before the second hit, such that Double visually jumps upwards before j.HK

Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 5HPx2 xx 236MK, 5HK, jump

j.LP, j.MK, j.HK xx j.236MK

5LPx2, 5MP, 2HP xx 236LK xx 214LK+MK

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MK, 5HPx2 xx *236PP

2LK 5HPx2 xx 236MK


j.MKx3 j.HP, re-jump,

j.LP, j.MKx3, j.HK

5LPx2, 5MP, 2HP xx 236LK xx 214LK + MK**

~7178 damage

*Requres a charge in Dragon Stance.

*You may need to walk or run forward to ensure all hits connect, you can space a safe burst bait 2HP here


Big Band:

Hit Confirm:

Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MPx2, 5HP,

j.MP, j.MKx2 xx j.214HK, land

[4]6HP xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:
2LK, 2MPx2, 5HP

j.MP, j.HP, j.HK*

tech forward

2MPx2 xx 623HP (Shake that stick),

j.LK ** j.MK


j.LP, j.LK, j.MK # MK, j.HP (whiff)

2LPx2, 2MK, 5HK xx [4]6HK xx 236PP


8650 damage- the 2HK version

* String has character dependent timing

** Delay

# Delay, j.MK followup can be omitted entirely



Hit Confirm:

Beginner Combo:

2LK, 2MP, 2HP,

j.MP, j.HP xx air dash

j.LK, j.MP, j,HP

5LPx3, 5MKx2, 5HPx2 xx 623LP MP HP

jump forward j.236KK

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2MP, 2HP xx 236MK, *dash

2HK xx 623 HP

*j.MP, j.HP xx air dash

j.LK  j.MP j.HP

2MK, 5HPx2 xx 214LK

5LK, 2MK, 5HPx2 xx 623MP,HP

jump forward, j.236KK

6938 damage

* Delay

** Omit 623MP at further ranges



Hit Confirm:

2LK, 2LK

Beginner Combo:

2LKx2, 5MK, 5HP

j.MK, j.HK

5LK, 5MK, 5HP

j.LK, j.MK, j.HK

5LPx2, 2MK, 2HP xx 236HK xx 236KK


Advanced Combo:

2LK, 2LK, 5MK, 5HP,



j.HP j.HK,

2MP 2HP xx 214MK, dash jump

j.LK, j.HK,

5LPx2, 2MK, 2HP xx 236HK xx 236KK

6639 damage



Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MP, 2HP,

j.LK j.MP j.HP xx 236LK 1K

2LK 2MP 2HP xx 214KK, j.2K

Advanced Combo:

2LK, 5MP, 5HK xx 236LP

dash, j.MK

5HK xx 236LP+LK

(walk back a couple steps), Kx4, P

2MP, 2HP

*5LK, 5[MP], ]MP[, 5HK xx KK

(walk forward slightly)

5LP, 5LK, 5[MP], ]MP[, 5HK xx 236LK, 8K, 1K

2MK, j.2K

7250 damage


Double/Big Band Combo:

2LK, 5MP, 2HP

*j.MK * j.HP

dash, j.MP

5HK xx 236LP+LK

Kx4, P

5LK, 5MK xx 236LK

dash, j.LK

5LP, 5LK, 5[MP], ]MP[, 5HK xx 236LK, 8K, 1K

2MK, j.2K

6709 damage



Robo Fortune:

Hit Confirm:


Beginner Combo:

2LK, 5MP, 5MK, 2HP

j.LK, j.MK, j.HK xx double jump

j.LP, j.MP

5LPx2, 5MP(hold), 5MK, 5HP xx 236HK xx 236PP

Advanced Combo:


**j.LK * j.MK xx double jump

*j.LK * j.MK

2MP, 5MK, 2HP

j.MP, j.HK(v) xx double jump

j.LP, j.HK

5LPx2 5[MP], 5MK, 5HP(#) xx 236HK xx 236PP

7730 damage

* Delay

** Delay until the peak of the jump

(v) Tap down forward at the beginning of j.HK then let the stick go to neutral

(#) Omit the last hit of 5HP depending on spacing/character

The Infinite Prevention System (IPS)
The Infinite Prevention System or “IPS” tracks moves that are repeated at the start of a new chain in a combo. When the IPS detects a repeated move, the defending player can press any button to do a breaker, leaving the defending player invincible during this action. If the opponent is hit by the breaker, they are pushed fullscreen and dealt 0 damage. If it doesn’t hit, refer to Burst Baits.

Combo Stages:

Skullgirls has 5 stages in a combo that work with the IPS.
The first and second stages are free and don’t get tracked.
The third and fourth stages track the attacks used.

The fifth is the final stage, any attacks that were tracked previously

Here is how the combo stages work;

Combo Stages

Stage 1: Jump-ins.

Stage 2: The first ground string.

Stage 3: First air combo string or second ground link.

Stage 4: Reserved for the first Air-Dash Cancel.

Stage 5: Any move chained beyond this point that repeats itself will be repeated.

For more information on Combo Stages, you can check out the Skullgirls Shoryuken Wiki page for more details!

A Reset is when you intentionally drop your combo putting your opponent into a mix-up situation. Find openings in your combo that you can drop intentionally to create reset opportunities, leading to more damage, keeping the advantage and the Drama Gauge buildup low.

Here is a Filia Combo with different reset options that branch off from the combo, look at your own characters combo and experiment with different mix-ups.

filia chart

Drama Gauge:

Drama bar

The Drama Gauge builds when a character is getting comboed and is used to stop combos from going too long.
The gauge builds up depending on what types of attacks you hit with,

  • Light normals: 15 Drama
  • Medium normals: 20 Drama
  • Heavy normals: 30 Drama
  • Any special: 20 Drama

Once the gauge reaches full and starts to flash, the defending player can press a button and perform a breaker, similar to the Infinity breaker.

Burst Baiting:

Burst Baiting is intentionally triggering the IPS or Drama Gauge breakers in a combo string, luring the defender to press a button while the attacker is out of the range of the breaker, leading to a full punish.

Vulnerable bursts can be identified by checking the particle effect. Gold leaves them invulnerable until they land.

Blue leaves them in a vulnerable state.